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Arts and creativity is a wonderful outlet and place to lose yourself or find yourself. The strength of the dream catcher project at the women’s shelters is an example of the amazing gift of creativity and bringing women together. As the Native American music plays, each woman thinks of a dream that is important in their life. Writing that down….. we move on to create true pieces of art. Working with natural materials, driftwood, feathers, stones, shells. Our dream catchers take shape. The women working around a table smiling, creating, and happy with their new learned skill.
The feedback has been: Today brought unity to the home. Weaving my dream catcher made me feel less anxious. I was happy to have a new focus. One woman said, “ I can’t believe I learned a new skill so quickly. This gives me confidence that I can really accomplish things in my life”. I have never felt creative, I can’t believe I was able to make such a beautiful piece. Today brought me joy! Please keep coming back was the common thread of the women.  For every Gathering held a portion of the funds helps support the Women and Arts Project. Let’s keep creating together. Women Helping Women. Book your Gathering! Check out our Donate Page for……